Blogging is Like Sex…



I hope to update this blog daily with fascinating legal issues effecting the adult industry but I would be happy with updating it three times a week, I hope you will be as well.

I have resisted blogging for years. While many might believe that as a lawyer I am a natural writer, let me assure you I am not. There are two types of lawyers, those that write and those that speak. I tend to be the speaking kind of lawyer which means I am better in front of a courtroom then a computer. However with the assistance of my wife, Vanessa Blue, I am being encouraged to step outside myself and try blogging. So much for comfort zones…

Surprisingly I have received a lot of interest on my Twitter feed from fans as to what legal issues we have to face in the industry. And of course I always receive quite a few emails about how to break into the industry. There are apparently a lot of would-be pornstars out there, pun intended. I never really thought about how engaged the fans of the industry are with our issues.

So I will be covering some of the more popular recent issues such as the condom law, piracy, talent testing, breaking into the business as well as topical issues such as intellectual property, model releases and employment and labor law issues.

And to add some levity I might throw in a book review or two as well as my thoughts about scotch. Yes I like scotch. As a former bartender for seven years you learn very quickly the liquors that don’t cause hangovers, Scotch, on ice or neat, is one of them. So if you like scotch I will be trying out a variety over time.

I will also add some posts and photos from various events I attend or speak at such as Exxxotica, the AVN Awards or even PSK and pornstar parties and events here in Los Angeles. Occasionally, I do have to go on set and might even throw up a few photos from behind the scenes.

Finally, as an Italian I love to cook. Its a tradition in Italian households that men cook. While we may let our wives cook, its really the guys that learn how to make sauce (or gravy for those of you that call it that). If you ever watched any mob movie ever made you know what I am talking about.

So hopefully I will provide something that is a little more well rounded then your typical lawyer’s legalese snooze-fest blog. And feel free to register to post your comments and tell me I suck.


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