On “The Canyons” Set with James Deen

Once in a while I get to do some thing interesting in my job. Well, interesting to me at least.

I have been on numerous porn sets so that it is almost old hat by now. And usually I refrain from going on set unless its a Will Ryder porn parody set. For a porn production his sets are usually interesting and at least full of performers I know and am friends with. Unless of course I am called to set because LAPD is also there. That has happened more than a few times in my career.

I can happily say there were no LAPD officers on “The Canyons” set today though. Despite the lack of potential criminal prosecution “The Canyon’s’ set was quite interesting. For one basic reason. To watch James Deen become the superstar he is blossoming into.

I have know and represented James for almost the entire time of both of our careers. We basically entered porn at about the same time and knew many of the same people so it wasn’t long until we met. He has always been one of the strongest male performers in the business and I was not at all surprised by his AVN Award for Male Performer of the Year.

I am also not surprised by his the producers of “The Canyons” in choosing James for the role of Christian opposite Lindsay Lohan. What did surprise me was just how loved he was on set. Everyone from the producers down to the gaffer and even interns love James. And why is that ? Because he is not pretentious. He feels just at home hanging out with the crew as he does the other actors or Director Paul Shrader. He really is the “every man” on set and his dedication to the project shows and is apparently appreciated. “Porners” are not always welcome in mainstream. We are often looked at as a curiosity that you don’t want to get too close to. He is doing a tremendous job of being an ambassador for the industry.

I truly am watching the birth of a crossover star. In my humble opinion James will at some point far exceed Ron Jeremey and Jenna Jameson as two of the most notable pornstars in recent history and he may even challenge John Holmes for the all time crown. I have little doubt that in a year you will no longer see the words “pornstar” before or after his name whenever its mention in mainstream press. It will just be “James Deen” and it will stand alone.


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