Johnny Fratto – The Goodfather !

I can’t really remember how I met Johnny but its been about 5 years. In those five years I have been fortunate to be able to call him not only a client but a friend as well. As with some of my other clients, you may not know who Johnny is but I promise that you will shortly. He is an interesting person with a very interesting family and history. He is the son of Lou Ferrell Fratto. Lou Fratto was one of Al Capone’s capos. In mob terms, his father ran a crew. And not only did his father run a crew, he ran Des Moines, Iowa. I’m Italian and from New Jersey and would have never guessed that there was a mob influence in Iowa. But there was and his father was the king of Des Moines ( ).

Johnny is what I call a TV mobster. He has appeared on several shows including AMC’s “Mob Week,” Howard Stern and Spike TV’s “The Deadliest Warrior.” He is truly a personality in a town full of personalities.

He was interviewed on Howard Stern if you have an hour to spare.

And you can watch him here talking about mob movies about “getting whacked” and “The Mob Code” with the late Henry Hill and Frank Cullotta on AMC’s Mob Week. If you had to cast a mob boss out of central casting Johnny would be the guy. He is as entertaining in person as he is on camera or radio.

Whenever we hang out it’s always a nice reminder of my Italian roots. But beyond being entertaining Johnny is a family man and is constantly surrounded by his family. While many Italian-Americans despise the stereo-typical mobster image that we are often assigned in the movies or television, I do not. There is an aspect to those portrayals that include family, honor, loyalty and solidarity that I think are more important today then ever. Family is more important to Italians than I think probably anything else in this world. He is one of the best fathers I have had the pleasure of knowing. He loves his family and it shows.


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