Changes to the CAO’s Implementation Plan

I just received this revision to the CAO’s Implementation Plan which is linked below and reviewed.

Interesting that it appears the City has now realized the problem with their ordinance as how it does not address the issues of oral sex or facials (ejaculating on a performer’s face) in the actual text of the law. It appears that by adding the language below the City is attempting to also adopt the Cal-OSHA regulations in regards to workplace health and safety by making it necessary to fully comply with Cal-OSHA regulations as a part of the permit process.

The newly added language is below in blue;

1.         Revise the Film Permit Application


Section (5) of the Ordinance requires the City to add the following language to all adult film permits: “If this production is an adult film, Permittee must abide by all applicable workplace health and safety regulations, including California Code of Regulations Title 8, Section 5193, which mandates barrier protection, including condoms, to shield performers from contact with blood or other potentially infectious material during the production of films.”

Here is the old language in red;

Create a new section on the Film L.A., Inc. Permit Application Request that seeks information
about various filming activities that involve dangerous special effects or hazardous conditions,
including the current categories relating to Gun Fire, Special Effects (breaking glass,
explosions, fire), and add a section entitled, “Activities Carrying Risk of Transmission of Blood
or Infectious Materials Pursuant to California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 5193(b),”
which include a “check box” to reflect the exact language in the Ordinance which specifies
whether or not production employees will be filmed engaging in non-simulated sexual
intercourse, defined as vaginal or anal penetration by a penis.

2.         Require Licensed Medical Inspections


Issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking to contract with a licensed medical professional to conduct the periodic inspections of adult film productions involving “Activities Carrying Risk of Transmission of Blood or Infectious Materials.” If this recommendation is adopted, more information would need to be gathered to determine City enforcement parameters and the CAO should be directed to report back to the Mayor and Council within 90 days with a draft RFP for further action.



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