Adult Performer Safety Needs Re-Evaluation by Don Fernando

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Reposted with Permission Written by: Don Fernando as first published on  August 29, 2012 at

Presumption at hand: The FSC (Free Speech Coalition); who proclaims to be the spokesperson for the Adult Industry in the USA, has declared a moratorium on partner scenes (2 or more performers engaging in sexual activity either with condoms or without) until September 4, 2012. The announcement by FSC and Manwin Media has basically instructed the American industry talent that under the presumption that all talent that has been performing this year are presumed to have been exposed to Syphilis and to control the spread of said disease that “in order to start work, all performers should go to Cutting Edge Testing (administered by Dr. Peter Miao) or to their physician and receive a large dose of injectable Penicillin or a substitute injection of Ceftriaxone for those allergic to Penicillin as a prophylactic (prophylactic is defined as a preventive medicine or course of action) measure.

Talent treated with the injected antibiotic will then be allowed to resume booking work (in the approximately 90% non-condom USA industry) to start 10 days after their prophylactic treatment. NOTE: “Prophylactic medicine is that which is administered to a patient as said patient is presumed to be exposed to an infection or disease.”

Manwin is onboard with this protocol and is helping with the implementation as the majority of their recent productions are of the “non-condom” variety and are expressing the “Let’s get back to work, folks!” posture. They also seem to feel that all performers based in the USA are presumed to be exposed to some degree to Syphilis hence their support of the prophylactic injection.

I googled “When can one resume sex after treatment to cure Primary Syphilis?” – here is an excerpt of what came up on Google from a government STD website covering both Primary Syphilis and Secondary Syphilis.: “However you will usually have to avoid sexual activity for at least two months after ‘treatment’ begins. Then you should use condoms. You should be checked regularly for some years after your treatment to check for any recurrence.”

Note the words in the first sentence “avoid sexual activity for at least two months (60 days) after ‘treatment’ begins.”

There is a huge difference between a 10 day and 60 day recommended abstinence of sexual activity. The FSC and Manwin Media plan to allow “presumed exposed and’or infected” performers to “resume sexual activity 10 days after receiving the prophylactic injection” seems to be going against LA County Health, US-CDC and US Dept. of Health and Human Services recommendations to prevent re-exposure and/or re-infection of the highly contagious bacterial infection that is Syphilis.

Is this really a well thought out policy? I do not think so…wrap you head around it and think it all the way through.

Best To All My Fellow Performers.


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