Mae Olsen Breaks Her Silence About This Unnecessary Fuckery

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Reposted with Permission Written by: Mae Olsen as first published on  August 21, 2012 at

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to the blog of Mae Olsen, frustrated adult actress/model. Now why am I frustrated? Because if you guys weren’t already aware, our porn universe is going through a bit of a major shutdown due to syphilis. Now I could babble on and on about my feelings regarding this however let us start with the cold hard facts shall we?

  • Mid-July a certain unnamed male performer was feeling ill and his doctor diagnosed him with syphilis
  • Male talent was aware that he was infected yet filmed at least three scenes without notifying anybody
  • Male talent faked his monthly STD test by obscuring the syphilis part
  • Talent Testing becomes aware of four positive syphilis tests and notifies the Los Angeles County Department of Health but not the APHSS (Adult Production Health and Safety Services), most likely thinking that the talent would get treatment which sadly was not the case
  • Fast forward to last Friday when a story broke about the faked test; production halts
  • FSC (Free Speech Coalition) asks that all talent retest for syphilis
  • FSC calls for a moratorium on shooting
  • FSC decides that having negative tests are not good enough and basically says that ALL talent must take a penicillin shot in our asses and wait 10 days or not take the shot and wait 90 days in order to be cleared to shoot
  • Porn world rebels

NOW, as if everyone isn’t already annoyed and angry, a model has two of her friends beat up her agent, Kevin from Type9 over who knows why. THEN Gia Steel and Pressley Carter want to fight over Twitter talking about fighting at Starbucks like we need anymore fucking stupid ass drama at this time!!!

To all of my fellow sex workers, all of this stupid unnecessary fuckery is giving porn an even worse name that it already has! Let this hiatus be a lesson to all of you to be careful who to fuck with outside AND inside the industry and please be more open-minded about using condoms as they help prevent STDs. Now I say this because some of you are obviously SEVERELY unintelligent and don’t know what syphilis even is.

Now regarding info about the actual male talent who faked his test, I will just say that despite the rumors I am not going to point fingers until I see the actual false test with the talent’s name on it. For the dumb bitches who believe these claims based in hearsay, in the words of Nicki Minaj…YOU A STUPID HOE!

In conclusion, I say we all suck it up, get this shot in our asses, strap that dick up with a Magnum and get back to work!


3 thoughts on “Mae Olsen Breaks Her Silence About This Unnecessary Fuckery

  1. If you do not use a condom for oral sex, you are at risk for contracting syphilis. Also, remember that if the sore is not covered by the condom your partner is wearing, or if the bare skin beyond the condom you are wearing touches the sore, you can get syphilis even though you are using condoms.
    If you are sexually active, you can help protect yourself from syphilis by:

    using condoms!
    checking your sex partners for signs of syphilis, such as sores and rashes!
    asking them if they have/had syphilis!
    making regular testing for syphilis part of your routine


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