Hello brick wall my name is Kora Peters, wanna talk?

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Reposted with Permission Written by: Kora Peters as first published on  August 29, 2012 at


I swear it feels like I have been talking to a brick wall since I got into the adult industry when it comes to healthcare and STDs. I have voiced my opinion since my first week in the industry and asked everyone to no avail why I had stricter guidelines for communicable diseases for being a massage therapist than they do to be an adult performer. I have felt, and still do, that since we are dealing with bodily fluids that we should all be educated on blood borne pathogens, STDs, and universal precautions.

When AIM was still in business I had started Correspondence with their founder, Dr. Sharon Mitchelle, about starting a program to educate talent better. As you know AIM was shut down in December of 2010,so that is where that ended. I was outraged when Talent Testing started testing and didn’t have syphilis on their basic panel. When I voiced my opinion (loudly) I got the same answers from EVERYONE in the industry, “You can get a full panel or go to your private physician if you want a syphilis test.” Then it was added as an option, as if it wasn’t of any importance. I still to this day have no answer as to why performers aren’t regularly tested for Hepatitis A,B,&C as it is easier to transmit Hepatitis C than HIV and there is no cure or vaccine for Hepatitis C.

Now, as if that weren’t enough to make you want to scream, here’s the kicker vaccines are available for Hepatitis A&B but they aren’t mandatory to be a performer in the adult industry. I have my vaccines as I requested them from my private physician when I decided to do porn. Another less likely but still infectious communicable disease that the adult industry NEVER tests for is TB. I had to get my TB test before I could get my massage license because I was going to be in contact with people, so why is it not required to be an adult performer when you are in a lot more contact with other people?

Why doesn’t the Adult Industry have to be OSHA compliant? Shouldn’t there be some OSHA training courses available to us as performers? KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and I have been trying to educate the adult industry but it’s like talking to a brick wall. I had no choice but to involve the CDC in this matter because I think that the people in my industry are either too stupid or too selfish to help themselves. YES I DID IT! I CALLED THE CDC AND GOT THEM INVOLVED. You may hate me now but you will thank me later, and if not that’s because you are too stupid to know any better!


2 thoughts on “Hello brick wall my name is Kora Peters, wanna talk?

  1. That is the talents fault for not asking for testing. There are hundreds if not thousands of talent/clips4sale producers hiring BP and CL escorts, hookers, sissy boys, working with them (doing fluid exchange) then showing up on set with a “clean” test that other talent assume is valid.


  2. Up here in Toronto Canada producer George Christos of KooKoo Entertainment doesn’t even ensure any of the talent is tested or safe. It’s a joke and he uses backpage hookers for shoots and mixes them with other talent without telling the other talent what these girls do knowing they are not tested!


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