What is Weinstein’s Agenda Behind Condoms in Porn ?

Michael Weinstein and AIDs Healthcare Foundation have made it a point in their efforts to convince the voters of Los Angeles that he cares about the performers in adult entertainment. He says this law is about being FAIR. FAIR stands for For Adult Industry Responsibility. He says he wants to protect performers that cannot speak for themselves. He wants to ensure a safe work place for all pornstars.

Well, except those pornstars that work in gay porn in San Francisco. At the AHF press conference on September 17th I challenged Michael Weinstein on why he was only focusing his efforts on the straight side of the adult industry in Los Angeles and not trying to protect performers on the gay side of the industry in San Francisco. He stumbled when giving his answer basically stating that the reason why AHF is forcing condom use in straight porn is because he lives in Los Angeles and this is where AHF is located. That is far from a reasonable answer as to why he chose not to push a safe sex in gay adult films law to protect gay performers in San Francisco as well.

Eight years ago when there was an HIV outbreak in the Los Angeles porn industry and five performers were infected Michael Weinstein could careless about the HIV and porn or condoms for that matter. He attended a California Assembly Subcommittee meeting titled “Worker Health and Safety in the Adult Film Industry.” This is the actual summary of his testimony from the meeting;

“Mr. Weinstein made the point that there are thousands of HIV infections occurring all over the country and the world and yet the media and Legislature are now focused on the handful of infections that have recently occurred in the porn industry. He also stated that AIM may be best suited to deliver HIV testing and prevention services to the porn community rather than other HIV related organizations like AIDS Healthcare Foundation.”

You can read the full report here -> koretz_posthearingreport-1.pdf

On September 26, 2012, Mark Kernes of AVN published a story addressing Michael Weinstein’s complete reversal of position on condoms in porn. Kernes attended the “Worker Health and Safety Meeting” discussed above and was able to shed more light on Weinstein’s position on condoms and porn in 2004 ( Please see: http://business.avn.com/articles/legal/Synchronicity-Hypocrisy-Condoms-and-Michael-Weinstein-489484.html ) In this author’s opinion the most telling Michael Weinstein quote from Mark Kernes’s article is;

“There is no precedent in any state law for mandating the use of condoms,” Weinstein noted, “and I feel we should be careful before crossing that threshold… In the end, prohibition [of non-condom sex] does not work.”

Obviously, much can be learned about Michael Weinstein from his own words. As head of the AHF, Michael Weinstein writes a monthly column for the LA Frontiers Magazine called HIV Living (Please see: http://www.frontiersla.com/Channels/HIVLiving/Story.aspx?ID=1768519 ). Here he discusses the “battle” that is sexual health;

The next sexual revolution has begun—it is the battle for sexual health. We have a right to a sexual life that is as free from disease as it can possibly be. We know that the more sexual partners we have, the more risk we are taking—that is a fact.”

On AHF’s website, Weinstein discusses what the focus of this battle should be. He wants to be in your bedroom. He wants to be a part of your sex life. He wants to influence young men (and women) in their thinking about sex. From an article posted on AIDs Healthcare Foundation’s website ( Please see: http://www.aidshealth.org/archives/news/frontiers-hands-off-hiv-prevention/ )

“It isn’t enough to use a condom yourself. We need ambassadors, who actually ask other men who want unsafe sex, why they want to put themselves at risk. We need to get as close to the heat of the moment, when people are actually making these decisions, as we can get. We did this before—we can do it again.

Some men will never be safe— we can’t change that. But, if we can grab the middle ground, so that young men coming of age automatically assume that they must use condoms, the numbers of new infections will come down drastically.”

I believe this quote cuts to the heart of the reason why Michael Weinstein is now trying to force condom legislation on the adult entertainment industry. He hopes that those couples that use porn as a part of their sex lives will see the action on screen and at that very moment make the decision to use a condom. He also realizes that porn is now easily accessible by anyone with an Internet connection and probably believes that young men (and women) coming of age will use porn and see others using condoms and incorporate condoms into their own sex lives. In 2004 porn was relegated adult DVD stores or to the corners of Mom & Pop DVD rental stores. Now it’s mainstream, free and being watched by millions of users everyday. What better way to send a message of safe sex and reach the broadest possible audience.

Except he doesn’t just want to be the condom police, he wants to be the thought police.


3 thoughts on “What is Weinstein’s Agenda Behind Condoms in Porn ?

  1. I forgot about that one. Good idea.

    I have tweeted my three part LukeIsBack AVN story, though not consistently.

    Today, I reviewed my notes from last year’s false positive case and the resultant production moratorium (which Weinstein used as a springboard to do a little happy dance on ABC News Nightline) and I found this quote from the great Susie Bright:

    “There’s an AIDS scandal in Los Angeles that’s even bigger than the adult-entertainment business. Yes, porn sets are closed because a few religious zealots and those ever-present righteous conservative politicians have teamed up to save the lost souls involved in porn. Trouble is, they want to make some money off the deal too.”

    Ms. Bright was stunned by their wanton display of greed masked as compassion. The truth is that AIDS is not an epidemic in the adult film industry; it’s the IV drug users and the poor who are losing the battle.

    I encourage readers to think about Michael Weinstein’s modus operandi: AHF relies on rapid ELISA tests for HIV, because they’re fast and cheap. To him the only purpose of testing is to identify, as quickly as possible, as many potential AHF pharmacy clients as they can, so that AHF can sell them costly AIDS drugs.

    It’s easy to see that he has all the motivation in the world to push highly ineffective condoms over rigorous testing: when people get infected (or even when they are falsely diagnosed) with HIV, AHF wins. The bottom line for Weinstein & Co: the more customers at AHF clinics, the better.

    Why doesn’t Weinstein push ELISA tests on the industry? Or offer to take over testing? Weinstein only pushes what is profitable to him, and AHF doesn’t make real money off testing; it makes it off AIDS drugs.

    AHF has also shown it is willing to bend the rules to get more pharmacy clients: although the law forbids unauthorized disclosures about a person’s HIV status, from 2007 to 2009, AHF was illegally provided the names and addresses of some 5,000 HIV-positive Medi-Cal recipients from The California Department of Health Care Services.

    Gay porn producer Paul Morris, whose company has been targeted by Weinstein in the past, noted: “[Weinstein] believes that it’s perfectly acceptable for the government to covertly funnel extremely private information about the HIV status of patients of public clinics in order to bolster the client-list of AHF. Control trumps privacy for the good gay.”


  2. Why ? Honestly I was waiting for you to come in and fill in the blanks. You know much more then I do about Weinstein/AHF and their motivations and history on this issue.

    Thank you for the comment.

    I have a question though. Why dont you tweet about your Examiner.com interview from last year? That is a very informative article.


  3. Michael, you ask, “What is Weinstein’s Agenda Behind Condoms in Porn?” but you never answer the question; you describe the “how” but not the “why.”

    The “why” is really quite simple: despite the “AIDS advocate” halo the media allows him to wear, Weinstein is an HIV/AIDS profiteer. AHF needs billions of dollars to be spent on HIV/AIDS around the globe, and the only way that can be sustained is for everyone to live in fear of AIDS. Fear must be omnipresent.

    Mandatory condoms in porn means permanent universal product placement for AIDS fear and hysteria.

    George Orwell wrote, “The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.” This sentiment is fully applicable to Weinstein’s philosophy. On April 4, 2008, Weinstein penned an Op/Ed for the LA Times entitled, “Stop AIDS vaccine research.” In it, he lamented half-heartedly that every AIDS vaccine candidate to date had failed:

    “In light of over 20 years of failed AIDS vaccine research on which billions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer money have been spent, we believe it is simply unconscionable for the U.S. government to continue such wasteful funding…” Where should that money go instead? To treatment and prevention programs, of course — such as the ones of which AHF is one of the largest providers!

    The simple reality is, a cure for HIV/AIDS would be the WORST thing possible for AHF’s business model, which is to bully pharmaceutical companies into discounts, and then bill Medi-Cal and other insurers full price for expensive AIDS treatments. He needs patients on the rosters of his clinics and pharmacies; they’re whence the bulk of AHF’s profits derive. Michael Weinstein is, in essence, one of the biggest drug dealers on the planet.

    A year ago, during an AHF press release meant to capitalize on the false HIV-positive porn case in Florida, Weinstein was asked to explain testing in detail. He rambled and stammered, and could not give any kind of meaningful or useful information to the press. He got much of what he said wrong. This is the president of the largest AIDS service organization in the world and he DOES NOT UNDERSTAND TESTING.

    That’s because, to Weinstein, testing really only serves one purpose; testing is ‘step one’ of marketing: Identify the customer. In every other sense and context, testing is anathema to AHF. These are the people who destroyed the AIM testing clinic without batting an eye.

    What is Weinstein’s agenda behind condoms in porn? Money and power. That’s all. He wants a bigger share of a shrinking pie, and he’s entirely willing to sacrifice the health and the personal freedoms of adult performers to get what he wants.


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