LA Daily News Comes Out Against Ballot Measure B !!

The Daily News has also come out against Ballot Measure B. There are now three major news publications in Los Angeles County that are against the “Condoms in Porn” law. From the Daily News;

“For many Measure B voters, all of this may be too much detail and disagreement. Some will be inclined to vote for B because they disapprove of pornography on moral grounds. AHF President Michael Weinstein seems all too happy to encourage this, calling people in the porn industry “bottom feeders.”

So it’s instructive that the Valley Industry and Commerce Association opposes Measure B. VICA might have been expected to veer from its usual anti-regulation philosophy to protect the Valley’s good name, but its board of directors voted unanimously to stand up for porn producers, saying new restrictions could endanger 10,000 legal local film jobs.”

Read the full Editorial Endorsement by clicking here –



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